How to Turn a Windows Pc Into a Mac

If you are a Windows XP user and wanted to have Windows look exactly like a Mac then here is the best way to transforma it . Mac includes some pretty cool features, such as the dock and unique login screen and wallpapers. With this simple tutorial, you can learn how to make your Windows PC look just like one too..

Steps :-

1. Download ObjectDock , a program created by Stardock .This program will install a dock just like the one available on a Mac. To add icons to it, simply drag and drop. Follow the on screen instructions to edit any settings you may wish to modify.

2. Download Windows Blinds , also from Stardock. This allows you to modify the theme of your computer. Once you have downloaded and installed Windows Blinds, download a skin that will make your PC look like a Mac. You can modify any details of Windows Blinds by following the on screen instructions.

3.Download CursorXP ,This will allow you to modify your cursor in many different ways. To make it look like the Mac OS cursors, download the following set: Cursor Sets

4.Download LogonStudio, This program makes it possible to configure how the login screen looks for your computer. To use the Mac OS login download the following theme: MACLogin. Tweaks may be needed to be applied to the theme for different computers, but they can be easily managed by selecting the theme, once downloaded, and selecting the edit option.

After you have successfully downloaded and installed all of the software listed above, there are only a few tweaks left. Move the menu bar to the top of the screen like a Mac. Also, you may want to change the background to a more Mac appropriate picture.These steps should have transformed your boring PC into a powerful Mac.

.6.Your end result should look something like this: